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Annual Artistry in Wood Show

The Final Artistry in Wood Show was called a CELEBRATION and REUNION Show to emphasize the long and positive influence this show has contributed to the woodcarving and woodworking world since 1981. Each and every show since has been a celebration of the creative endeavors of each artist in wood who exhibited at any of the shows and a reunion of friendship made and being made with each successive show.

This final show celebrated the long and positive purpose of hosting a show that can best be described in the description of the Ron Ryan award. Ron Ryan was one of the first co-chairman of the show and after his death, an award was established to honor someone who exemplified the ideals and principles that Ron gave of himself to the carving world ~ "The ideals of giving of oneself, expressing goodwill and exerting the extra effort needed to promote these qualities in one's own community and throughout the woodcarving world."

These ideals have guided the Artistry in Wood Committee under the leadership and guidance of co-chairmen and chairmen who followed Ron. We celebrate the labors of love and leadership of Bob Wening, Ray Kunz, Charlie Cooke, Dave Schneberger, Jim Moser, Ken Bedel and Don Worley. The AIW committee of 19 members along with between 80 and 90 volunteers have maintained these high standards through 38 shows making the Final show a climatic highpoint in its long and distinguished history as the Best of the best show of its type.

The 2019 Dayton Artistry in Wood Show is now history as its 38th annual and FINAL show. Its theme was a CELEBRETATION and REUNION SHOW to experience a climax of one of the premier woodworking and woodcarving show of its kind in the nation. The ballroom of Roberts Centre was filled to capacity with 265 spaces occupied by 194 exhibitors and 25 vendors that was visited by 3922 visitors over the two-day show. Many came as first-time visitors as a way of completing their bucket list of attending the show and on the same token, many former visitors and exhibitors made a special effort to come for the final show. The atmosphere was electric with enthusiasm, awe and wonder at the beautiful creations of art in the medium and the opportunity to see and meet for the first-time artists of renown or renewal in reunion with artists from earlier visits. The Dayton Artistry in Wood continued it long tradition of giving the gift of providing the best show for exhibitors, vendors and visitors alike and to gift United Rehabilitation Service and Partners Against Crime with generous charity gifts. The gift to these charities of choice totaled over $160,000 during the 38-year history. Memories of the Celebration and Reunion show include outstanding entries into judged competition with 56 entries in Woodworking division and 314 entries in Woodcarving division. Best of Show winners in Woodworking were ~ Larry Bilderback, first; Tom Taylor, second; Barbara Crockett, third. Best of Show winners in Woodcarving were ~ Fred Cogelow, first; David Boone, second; Steve Burelison, third. The total prize money awarded in both divisions was $9,515.00.

Reunions are a time for reminiscing and remembering highlights of previous shows capped off with the lasting memory experienced in the final show. Visitors, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and committee members of the Dayton Artistry in Wood show all are appreciative of memories remembered and memories being made to Celebrate the Best of what the 38 year history of this show represents.

As a non-profit organization Dayton Artistry in Wood consciously invested the proceeds over expenses from each show into the next show and now will continue to distribute any savings into the ongoing mission of giving for the betterment of the woodcarving and woodworking community with appreciation for the opportunity to serve.

The Memory lives on in Thanks for the Memory given by visitors, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and the Artistry in Wood committee members. Thanks, one and all.

“That’s All Folks” is the concluding statement from the Dayton Artistry in Wood Committee to celebrate the climax of the final Artistry in Wood show of it 38th show with its memory filled history. The final show lived up to its intended purpose of a Celebration and Reunion show. A big THANK YOU to all the visitors, all the exhibitors, all the vendors and all volunteers who made the final show a highlight long to be remembered. Artist Don Stephenson drew the cartoon of a cowboy caricature carving exclaiming “That’s All Folks.”