Book Library

The book library is maintained for the use of all members of Dayton Carvers Guild. Book may be checked out of the Library by seeing the Book Librarian at the regular meeting. Please try to return them the following month so that other members may have to opportunity to use them.
ID Title Authors Subjects Content
2 Bird Carvings, A Guide to a Fascinating Hobby Gilley, Wendell Birds Instruction
3 Art of the Decoy, The: American Bird Carvings Earnest, Adele Birds History & Photos
4 Wildfowl Carvings, Competition 2001 Tennant, Candice R, editor Birds Exhibits
5 20 Realistic Game and Song Birds, Wood Carving Patterns Lehmane Birds  
6 Mallards, A Pictorial Study Veasey, Tricia Birds Photos
7 Traveling With the Birds Boulton, Rudyerd Birds Information
8 American Wildfowl Decoys, A History and Collector's Guide Waingrow, Jeff Birds Information & Photos
9 Waterfowl Studies Burk, Bruce Birds Information & Photos
10 Philadelphia Wildfowl Exposition, 1980 Academy of Nat Sci of Philadelphia Birds Information & Photos
11 Waterfowl Painting, Blue Ribbon Techniques Veasey, William Birds Painting
12 Bird Carving Basics, How to Compete Badger, Curtis J. Birds Competition & Photos
13 Bird Carving Basics, Habitat Badger, Curtis J. Birds Instruction & Habitat
14 Bird Carving Basics, Painting Badger, Curtis J. Birds Painting & Instruction
17 Carving Large Birds Dehos, Bill & Spielman, Patrick Birds Instruction
19 Blue Ribbon Pattern Series, Book III: Head Patterns Veasey, William Birds Patterns
21 Blue Ribbon Pattern Series, Book II: Miniature Decoy Patterns Veasey, William Birds Patterns
23 Colonial Birds, Official State Birds of the Thirteen Original Colonies Goudy, William C. Birds Patterns
25 Introduction to Birds, An Kieran, John Birds Information
27 Philadelphia Wildfowl Exposition, 1979 Academy of Nat Sci of Philadelphia Birds Information
29 Splendor of Iridescence, The, Structural Colors in the Animal World Simon, Hilda Animals Birds & Insects
32 Stylized Wood Carving, The Art of Solomon, Charles & Hamilton, David Carving Instruction
34 Carving Popular Birds, Patterns and Instructions for 12 Life-Size Models Hillman, Anthony Birds Patterns
36 Wildlife in Wood Le Master, Richard Birds Instruction
38 Fish Carving Basics, How to Carve Badger, Curtis J. Fish Instruction
40 Fish Carving Basics, How to Paint Badger, Curtis J. Fish Instruction
42 Fish Carving Basics, How to Paint Tropicals Badger, Curtis J. Fish Instruction
44 Fish Carving Basics, How to Paint Trout Badger, Curtis J. Fish Instruction
46 Sketches by Gene (Two booklets in Gene Gaier envelope) Gaier, Gene Sketches Anatomy
48 Animal Drawing, Anatomy and Action for Artists Knight, Charles R. Animals Sketches & Information
51 Carousel Animal Carving, Patterns & Techniques Ellis, Bud & Hoeckley, Rhonda Animals  
53 10 Patterns for Carving Whales Gilmore, Brian Fish  
54 Alblum of North American Animals Bronson, Clark & Dugdale, Vera Animals Information
56 The Golfers, Carving with Tom Wolfe Congdon-Martin, Douglas Humans Instruction
58 Carving Western Figures Enlow, Harold L. Humans Caricatures
60 Traditional Santa Carving with Tom Wolfe Congdon-Martin, Douglas Humans Instruction
62 How to Carve Characters in Wood Anderson, H.S. "Andy" Humans Caricatures
64 Woodcarving in the Scandinavian Style Resal, Harley Humans Instruction; Caricatures
67 Carving Animal Caricatures Waltner, Elma Animals Instruction & Patterns
70 How to Carve Folk Figures and a Cigar-Store Indian Enlow, Harold L. Humans  
71 Learn to Carve Faces & Expressions Enlow, Harold L. Humans Instruction
73 Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life Bridgeman, George B. Humans Anatomy
75 Heads, Features and Faces Bridgeman, George B. Humans Anatomy
77 Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students Thomson, Arthur Humans Anatomy
79 Carving the Human Face, Capturing Character and Expression in Wood Phares, Jeff Humans Instruction
81 Louve, The Laclotte, Michel & Cuzin, Jean-Pierre Paintings  
83 Artists in Wood, American Carvers of Cigar-Store Indians, Show Figures and Circus Wagons Fried, Frederick Carving History  
84 Architectural Carving, Techniques for Power & Hand Tools Burton, Mike Architecture Technique
86 Let's Carve Wooden Plaques Enlow, Harold L. & Enlow, Elaine Relief  
88 Scroll Saw Basketweave Projects Nelson, John & Guimond, William Scroll Saw  
90 Creative Woodturning Nish, Dale L. Turning  
91 Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks Kennedy, Monty Gunstock Instruction & Patterns
94 Transitional Projects for Chip Carvers Nicholas, Bruce Chip Carving Instruction & Patterns
97 Chip Carving Patterns /Harto Harto, Diane Chip Carving Patterns
99 Chip Carving Design & Pattern Sourcebook Barton, Wayne Chip Carving Patterns & Instruction
102 Chip Carving Patterns and Designs Crowell, Ivan H. Chip Carving Patterns
104 Chip Carving, 25 Projects with Instructions and Full Size Patterns Moore, Harris W. Chip Carving Patterns
106 Chip Carving Techniques & Patterns (Two copies) Barton, Wayne Chip Carving Instruction; Patterns; Lettering
110 Chip Carving Patterns /Barton Barton, Wayne Chip Carving Patterns & Lettering
113 1800 Woodcuts by Thomas Bewick and His School Cirker, Blanche, Editor Woodcut Art  
114 Wood Carving and Whittling for Everyone Gottshall, Franklin H. Relief Whittling; Round; Chip Carving; Instruction
119 Carving Flora & Fables in Wood Tangemerman, E. J. Round Relief & Instruction
122 Designs from Pre-Columbian Mexico Enciso, Jorge Relief  
123 Present Day U.S.A Wood Carvers, Whittlers and Sculptors and How to Become… Matthews, John Round Whittling & Instruction
126 The Modern Book of Whittling and Woodcarving Tangemerman, E. J. Relief Round; Caricatures & Instruction
130 Sculpture in Wood Rood, John Round Relief
132 The Craft and Creation of Wood Sculpture Carstenson, Ceecil C. Round Masks & Instruction
135 Contemporary Art with Wood, Creative Techniques and Appreciation Meilach, Dona Z. Round Relief & Instruction
138 Early American Wood Carving Christensen, Erwin O. Round  
139 Shipcarvers of North America Brewington, M. V. History Round
141 The American Bi-centennial Book of Do It Yourself Natural Wood Sculpture Matthews, John Round  
142 Woodcarving Illustrated Schroeder, Roger & McCarthy, Paul Instruction Round
144 A Woodcarver's Primer Upton, John Instruction Round & Relief
147 The Wonderful World of Power Hand Tool Wood Carving, 40 Detailed Patterns Boyd, Earle Spike Instruction Power & Patterns
150 Build Your Own Wood Toys DeCristoforo, R. J. Toys Instruction
152 The Great All-American Wooden Toy Book, More than 50 Easy-to-build Projects Marshall, Norm Toys Instruction
154 The Rocking-Horse Maker, Nine Easy-to-follow Projects Dew, Anthony Rocking Horses Instruction
156 Making Rocking Horses Drew, Anthony Rocking Horses Instruction
158 Making Wood Banks (Two copies) Helm, Harvey E. Banks Instruction & Toys
161 Swiss Chalet Doll House Packet Hall, Neely Doll Houses  
162 Craft Patterns   Toys Patterns
164 Veneering Simplified Hobbs, Harry Jason Veneering  
165 Veneering Made Easy for School and Home Workshop Hjorth, Herman Veneering  
167 Handbook of Doormaking, Windowmaking and Staircasing Talbot, Antony, editor Woodworking  
168 Do It Yourself Furniture and Fitments, The Stanley Book 1 of Matthews, John Woodworking  
169 Favorite Bird Patterns Ponte, Alfred M. Birds Patterns
171 Windmill Packet Hall, Neely Windmills  
174 The Chattering Chippers Collection, "Ol' Don" Burgdorf's Burgdorf, "Ol' Don" Round Caricatures Patterns